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Electromagnetic Force

Electro Magnetic Force: 8th Grade Science Unit


A “Mystery Box” and unexplained flying paper clip are part of the new FOSS Science curriculum Thayer Central 8th graders are exploring. While students have visited the mystery box in 6th grade they are adding new twists with different shaped magnets and materials. Magnetism is similar to gravitational force in that they are both invisible. Learning the vocabulary and matching the terms to the behavior of the objects they see in front of them is part of the FOSS series. The comparison of the uber magnet, AKA Earth, the “doughnut” magnets also have magnetic poles and a magnetic field. While the fields can’t be seen, they can be measured by their intensity and effects.

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Between manipulating the materials, reading articles and watching companion videos, the students get a complete course on forces and the electromagnetic spectrum. The FOSS Science curriculum is designed to work with NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) but students are more intrigued with manipulating materials on an almost daily schedule.  The course has 4 separate investigations; What is Force?, The Force of Magnetism, Electromagnetism, and Energy Transfer.

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