Thayer Central Elementary Holds 2nd Quarter AR Virtual Assembly

Thayer Central Elementary held their quarterly AR assembly recognizing students who met their 2nd quarter AR goals in grades 2 - 6. For the reading period, students amazed a total of 2438 pts. where they averaged a total of 16.1 points per student. Students were correct on 91% of all questions with over 1500 tests taken. Jocelynn Mumm, a sixth-grade student, once again led the school with 99 points during the quarter. Other top classroom point totals came from Brynn Marsh, Logan Easton, Rex VanSkiver, Nora Peithmann, Harper Renz, Kaelynn Thurmann, Lillee Poisel, and Keirsten Heinrichs. For their efforts, the students were treated to a virtual Kahoot game with students winning prizes for their efforts.