How is Facility Maintenance, Improvements, and Future Planning Approached at Thayer Central?

Over the past decade, your school board and administration have worked together to design several facilities improvements not only for possible future expansion and building connectivity, but also updates and remodeling of existing structures.

From working through updates and remodeling projects and associated timelines, to meetings with design teams to try and plan future facilities ideas and create a timetable to hopefully accomplish these visions and goals.  Several gatherings of many different individuals from throughout our school district have participated in one or more of these sessions in the past as we strived to get community input each step of the way.

One key plan was the strategic implementation of a multi-year project of existing classroom remodeling consisting of:  new LED lighting, paint, carpet, cabinetry, etc.  Each summer, with the help of our internal maintenance staff and crew, this was accomplished; a few rooms each year.  Not only was this valuable as this helped to spread our costs over this past decade, but we also were able to help save the district additional increased labor costs completing these projects with our talented maintenance team.

Board Rationale on Facility Planning by,

Rob Marsh       Tysen Hissong              Nate Casey

Chad Oswald   Jeremy Heitmann        Chris Hergott