Why does the Board feel now is the right time to consider this project? 

This project is the culmination of a process the district has been engaged in for several years.  There is a list of significant needs that has been identified and reviewed by the board and patrons over this period of time. The special building fund is currently at $3.3 Million.  The board does not believe it is a wise use of taxpayer dollars to allow this money to sit idle any longer. Rather, it should be deployed to benefit our students, staff, and community. The Board feels the combination of the Special Building Fund and the proceeds from a successful Special Election will provide the district the resources to address all identified needs, at the same time, and in the most efficient manner.  The current financial environment is also beneficial because of low interest rates.  The board has been provided an estimate of 1.5% interest on a 15-year bond which is historically low and allows the district to pay for these improvements over time. 

The project has drawn strong interest from 7 highly capable "Design-Build" firms which should provide excellent competition for the job. This allows the board to choose the design providing the most value to the district. Timing of construction is also important to the board.  If the bond is successful on March 9th, this allows time to select the construction firm, begin construction this spring, and conclude summer of 2022. This timeline provides a minimum amount of impact on students, staff, and the public.  The time to invest in our kids, to improve safety and security, to expand educational programming, and invest in the future of our district and communities is what we consider on March 9th.

Board Rationale on Facility Planning by,

Rob Marsh       Tysen Hissong              Nate Casey

Chad Oswald   Jeremy Heitmann        Chris Hergott