Why is the Board calling for a Special Election related to Facility Improvements?

The board recognized early on that a project of this scope will require construction activities while school is in session.  With that in mind our facilities team worked to create a plan that would minimize the project's impact on our students and staff, while allowing sufficient time for the construction team to deliver a quality product.  Through collaboration with industry experts a workable timeline was created.  After a thorough review the timeline was adjusted to conform to the exact needs of the district while meeting all necessary statutory requirements.  Once completed it was apparent that successful execution of that timeline would require a Special Election.  After careful consideration the Board of Education decided to move forward, engaging the public with an opportunity to voice their opinion through an official vote.

Board Rationale on Facility Planning by,

Rob Marsh       Tysen Hissong              Nate Casey

Chad Oswald   Jeremy Heitmann        Chris Hergott