How will this Project Potentially Enhance our District?

The proposed project has enhancements in it that will benefit students, staff and patrons of the district.  As a board, we are always looking for ways to ensure our students get the best possible education, we also have to look at the day to day operations of the school as well.   This plan addresses many priorities which have been brought to our attention over the last decade.  

Safety being priority number one.  This plan eliminates the need for students of all ages to travel between the three different buildings currently being used.  It also will give us enough area to get our students in a storm shelter that is reinforced to withstand the possibility of a tornado and allows for additional parking so we do not have patrons parking on the streets when events that draw a large crowd are held at the school. 

This plan also addresses the need for additional educational space for Special Education, Career Pathways and FFA.  It will give the students and staff the space needed to have an effective learning environment.  Performing arts, band and vocal will also have an area that will allow them to educate while at the same time not being disruptive to other class sessions within the building.

Board Rationale on Facility Planning by,

Rob Marsh       Tysen Hissong              Nate Casey

Chad Oswald   Jeremy Heitmann        Chris Hergott