UPDATED 2-24-2022

COVID/Variant Update

First Day of School and no news to share on this topic. So Thankful!!



Feb 24



Feb. 24: COVID numbers have been a non-issue over the past 2 weeks. The district will no longer be posting updates unless our local situation changes.

Feb 7: A reminder that TCCS will have a remote learning day on Wednesday, February 9th and Thursday, February 17th.

Feb 3: 0 Students and 0 Staff

Jan 31: 0 Students and 0 Staff

Jan 28: 5 Students and 0 Staff

Jan 27: 7 Students and 0 Staff

Jan 25: One week from today we will all welcome February to 2022!!

Jan 24: 5 kids out today with symptoms. The district will update daily for at least the next two weeks as we review numbers.

Jan 21: 1 Staff and 3 Students are the district numbers for this morning. Cold, Flu, and COVID going around, try to make healthy choices.

Jan 19: The CDC has pushed the peak dates back about a week. At this time we are seeing cases but not in numbers that would cause our district close our doors or seek an alternative plan.

Jan 17: The district is working with staff and our health district to monitor our numbers. We have at least 2 weeks to stay focused until the predicted peak of Omicron.

Jan 13: The district continues to monitor local cases. TCCS is working with Public Health Solutions to prepare for our current needs and plan for what may come.

Jan 6: 2 Staff 0 Students Positive

If you are feeling sick please stay home.

We need to prepare for a surge of cases in the next 3 weeks per Public Health Solutions. The school will keep our kids and families aware of what we are seeing at school and county wide as information becomes available.

December 22, 2021


Thayer Central Community Schools used ESSER III funding in following manner:

Improved air quality with the purchase of improvements to the district's HVAC system, purchase of curricular updates and expansions for improved student learning, technology purchases to assist with the demands of remote learning, and reimbursement for staff and programs due to pandemic related loses.

Randy Page

Nov.29: While some places in the state are seeing an increase in COVID numbers, our school district reports no staff or students as positive.

Nov. 11: No cases to report

Nov. 8: The district has one student out currently due to a positive COVID test.

Nov. 4: Thayer Central has seen a consistent low positivity rate for the past few weeks, averaging less than 2 cases per day.

October 14: TCCS is at 1 case with all staff and students. This matches with our Health District numbers which have leveled out and decreased over the past 10 days.

October 7: No Change in district status

October 4: Just 1 student case to report today.

October 1: The district numbers are improving. Have a wonderful weekend.

September 28: Please be aware that the district is seeing low-consistent cases at this time in both students and staff.

September 24:

Thayer Central is experiencing new cases, however our total numbers are staying on the low end.

September 23:

The district is still at 4 Students and 0 Staff. At this time there is also 1 Staff pending as a presumed positive.

September 20, 2021

We begin the week with 4 students and no staff COVID illnesses. Stay healthy and keep doing your part to stop the spread!

September 13, 2021

Our staff cases are trending downward. Student cases have leveled off over the past week. Please practice hand washing and social distancing to help to keep everyone safe. Masking continues to be an individual decision.

September 8, 2021


Thayer Central Board of Education COVID Guidance:


·       Individuals are “required” to mask for 10 days at school after a close-contact exposure from a positive household case of COVID or a COVID Variant.  This is a change from strongly recommending 10 days of masking.

This is now combined with last week’s guidance from the Board of Education:

·       When there is a positive diagnosis for COVID or COVID Variant the district requires 10 days of isolation.  This is a change from highly recommending 10 days of isolation.


Board Recognition:

·       The Thayer Central Board of Education wishes to express their appreciation to all Thayer Central Community Schools Staff for their commitment and diligence in working through this very difficult time.  Providing educational opportunities for all children in an, “IN-PERSON” format has taken a tremendous effort from all staff.  This effort is both recognized and very much appreciated by the Board of Education!

Go Titans

September 7, 2021

Thayer Central Current Positive COVID Cases:

Students:  5  Staff:  1

Please look for a protocol update tomorrow regarding directives for students and adults who have a positive COVID case in their home.

If you feel sick, please stay home and help Thayer Central stop the spread of COVID.

Mr. Page


Update of Thayer Central COVID Cases:

Staff:  6             Students:  6

Current Masking Status at Thayer Central:

Masking is a personal choice at Thayer Central.  We ask that everyone be respectful of each other and their choice to mask or to not mask.  

If you feel ill the district requests that stay at home.  If you have fever or symptoms the district requests that individuals are fever and or symptom free before they return to school.

We will work together to keep ourselves and each other healthy in this challenging time!

Randy Page

For more information visit the Public Health website.

Public Health Solutions Risk Dial for Thayer County

Public Health Solutions COVID-19 Dashboard

Public Health Solutions