Kara Hartley, Adam Lukert, David Johnson, and Cambria Kunc - Superb Speakers!

As we await the full arrival of spring, some of us may be wondering, "What makes Nebraska great?"  If you need a reminder, Kara, Adam, Cambria, and David can tell you!  These students each gave a superb speech on this very topic on Thursday, March 18th, in the first ever junior high Eastern Nebraska School Speech Contest (formerly known as the Woodmen Speech School Contest).  The exact topic, "My State - What Makes Nebraska Great," really gave students the chance to showcase everything they love about our state, and each speaker had a unique approach to the topic.  

Kara Hartley earned 1st Place, Adam Lukert earned 2nd Place, Cambria Kunc earned 3rd Place, and David Johnson earned 4th Place.  Kara, Adam, and Cambria will advance to the district contest on April 14th.

Special thanks to Chloe Hintz and Kelby Mumm, Senior members of the Titan Talkers, for judging the school contest.  Thayer Central can certainly be proud of its current and upcoming Titan Talkers!