Friday, August 27th Update on COVID/Variant at Thayer Central.

Positive Cases:  Staff 6  Students 7

The school is monitoring our cases and considering options as cases grow this week.  The Board of Education held an Emergency Meeting yesterday to consider available data and further consider  school protocol.  The Board will hold a Special Meeting on Tuesday, August 31st at 7:00AM to receive data updates and again consider options.

Just to clarify a few key points at this time:

Masking is a person decision.  Thayer Central Community Schools is not under a mask mandate at this time. 

If you are ill, please stay home.  Protection of everyone's health is the priority.

Visitors will only be allowed as far as the offices at school until further notice.

Public Health Solutions suggested protocols, as shared earlier this week, are the protocols  Thayer Central is using as our guide at this time.

Mr. Page