September 8, 2021

Thayer Central Board of Education COVID Guidance:


  • Individuals are “required” to mask for 10 days at school after a close-contact exposure from a positive household case of COVID or a COVID Variant.  This is a change from strongly recommending 10 days of masking.

This is now combined with last week’s guidance from the Board of Education:

  • When there is a positive diagnosis for COVID or COVID Variant the district requires 10 days of isolation.  This is a change from highly recommending 10 days of isolation.

Board Recognition:

  • The Thayer Central Board of Education wishes to express their appreciation to all Thayer Central Community Schools Staff for their commitment and diligence in working through this very difficult time.  Providing educational opportunities for all children in an, “IN-PERSON” format has taken a tremendous effort from all staff.  This effort is both recognized and very much appreciated by the Board of Education!

Go Titans!!