Stats Project

As part of the dual credit Applied Statistics class, students were tasked to conduct a survey within the elementary and high school using the methods and terminology used in the opening chapter.  

Among the surveys was an observational study of whether a person looking at a photo of 2 dresses sees them as the same or different color (see photo).    The results of 30 people showed 6 of them who identified the dresses as being the same color.  What do you see?

Other group's surveys and results were as follows:

*Do you eat macaroni and cheese with a spoon or fork?  18 people forked their mac-n-cheese, while 12 use a spoon

*TC's favorite sport?  Volleyball

*Do you prefer online or in-person learning?  Hands-down favorite was in-person

*What is your favorite type of sunscreen, spray or lotion?  25 out of 30 people prefer spray

What is your favorite day of the week?  No surprise, FRIDAY!

The class was able to learn some interesting things from the students at TC!