Good Day To All,

February 9th and 17th will now be, "Remote Learning Days" on the school calendar.  Thayer Central Community Schools will not be in session on the 9th or the 17th of February to allow for individual work with students.  This decision is made in response to the number of days missed by students due to illness over the past month.  The district feels the need to provide staff; one on one time with kids in need, time for grading make-up work, and time for organizing future curricular programming. 

I realize this is an unusual request, but I think we can all acknowledge we have been living through an unusual time over the past two years.  I thank parents and patrons in advance for their support of our students and staff in this time of need.

The district will consider future, "Remote Learning Days" in March as student health and progress are monitored over the next several weeks.  A target date for a decision on March, "Remote Learning Days" has been set for February 28th.  The district will inform our public of any further changes in scheduling by the 28th of February.  Go Titans!!

Randy M. Page, Superintendent