Top Speeches for 5th & 6th graders

WHAT IS THE GREATEST TIME IN AMERICAN HISTORY?  That was the prompt for this year's Eastern Nebraska Speech Contest.  The Thayer Central fifth and sixth graders were up for the challenge! Each student planned and created an organized speech that answered that question. Each student created a 3-5 minute speech and presented to the judges. The judges then announced the top ten speeches given at each grade level.  In no particular order,  Laiden Heinrichs, Harper Renz, Atlie Wiedel, Brendan Kunc, Kayden Zoubek, Colin Huber, Michaela Logsdon, Tenley Lanham, Nora Peithmann, and Leah Marsh earned top ten honors for the 5th grade.  The sixth grade had a tie so the top eleven were named, including Aiden Degenhardt, Laikynn Heitmann, Candice Collins, Leah Havel, Jaxon Krupicka,  Ryann Pulliam, Quinn Sudbeck, Crosbe Williams, Joah Anderson, Peyton Hubl, and Haidyn Gunn.

On March 9th, the top 5 fifth graders and the top 5 sixth graders performed for two new judges who determined who would head to the District Competition.  Harper R., Nora P., Laiden H., Atlie W., Leah M., Laikynn H., Jaxon K., Ryann P., Joah A., and Quinn S. amazed the crowd with exceptional speeches.  Awards were given to the top three speeches.  Ryann Pulliam earned first place.  Atlie Wiedel earned second place while Laikynn Heitmann earned third place.  They will represent Thayer Central at the District Competition to be held on April 4 at the Majestic Theater. Best of luck to these talented ladies at DISTRICTS!  If you know a group who would like to listen to their speeches, please contact the elementary school office.