Twelve Thayer Central students competed in the 28th annual Greater Southeast Nebraska Math Challenge at Peru State College on March 18. The students had a good day. Results are as follows:

Geometry team: Libby Hergott - 3rd place, she was joined with Adam Lukert and Kara Hartley to get second has a team and 2nd in the quiz bowl portion.
Adv Algebra: Barrett Kiburz - 2nd, he was joined by Bradley Neff and Tara Waldmeier to get first as a team.
Pre-Calc: Krista Hartley - 3rd, she was joined by Madi Hammer and Beth Poisel.
Calculus: Jordan Mariska - 3rd, he was joined by Zach Vandervoort and Treyton Waldmeier to win the quiz bowl portion.
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