Baden Quarter Challenge

At Thayer Central Schools there are many academic activities at school. One of them is AR, which stands for Accelerated Reader. AR challenges students to be the best readers they can be. And after each quarter, we have a celebration for the students who meet their goal like going to the ballpark or doing an escape rooms. 

In the third quarter this year, we did something way better than the ballpark or an escape room. For the third quarter challenge, we were thankful to have Anne and Clarence Baden donate a quarter for every point a child read. Additionally, when a staff member read a book, a dollar was donated to this special fund as well. 

This year we were able to raise $1500.35. The Elementary Student Council voted to donate the money to UNICEF which will help the children in Ukraine. UNICEF stands for United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund. UNICEF works in over 190 countries and territories to help save children’s lives, to defend their rights, and to help them fulfill their potential, from early childhood to adulthood. UNICEF has helped reduce child mortality all over the world by working to reach the most vulnerable children, everywhere. It also works around the world to support quality learning for every girl and boy and especially those in the greatest danger of being left behind. 

Pictured are Clarence & Anne Baden and Student Council President Ryann Pulliam.

Way to go Thayer Central Elementary and thank you to Anne and Clarence Baden for helping make a difference in the world.