Top AR Q3 Students

Students at Thayer Central Elementary were recently honored for their hard work in AR reading during the third quarter. Totally, the students read 3,186 points with 95% of all students in K - 6 meeting their goal. The students amazed a 92% correction rate on the tests as well as averaging 21.67 pts per student.

For their reward, the students were treated to the movie Sing 2 at the Majestic Theater with all students receiving a kids pack for their hard work.

Pictured are the top students for each class: 

(back row l to r) Harper Renz - 84.1 pts.,  Karsten Kroll - 35.3 pts., Emily Easton - 66.2 pts., Pierce Watson - 84.0 pts., Candice Collins - 80.1 pts., and Nora Peithmann - 79.4 pts.

(front row l to r) Landi Priefert - 25.6 pts., Logan Easton - 34.2 pts., Zeke Fintel - 16.9 pts., Calvin Johnson - 28.0 pts.,  Owen Hubl - 55.8 pts., Not pictured:  Grace Fowler - 20.1 pts. & Lenora Hinrichs - 18.2 pts.