A great day for our elementary spellers today at the Thayer County Spelling Contest in Deshler. Tori S. took 2nd place and Addison M. took 4th in the 6th grade division. Lillee P. took 2nd place in the 5th grade with Maggie J. taking 4th place. Very proud of all our competitors!
9 months ago, Kurk Wiedel
TC spelling contestants
The Titan esports Super Smash Ultimate team defeated Elm Creek today! Week 5 and Varsity team 1 is still undefeated!!!
9 months ago, Titan esports
team 3
team 4
team 1
team 2
We are proud of our junior high Titan spellers today! They did a fantastic job at the Thayer County Spelling Contest. Congratulations to Kara Hartley (1st place in 8th grade), Carson McLaughlin ( 2nd place in 7th grade), and Braelyn Degenhardt- (3rd place in 7th grade).
9 months ago, Lara Harms
Pictured are Kara Hartley and Jennifer Reinke.  Kara will be the recipient of the Jennifer Reinke Scholarship for $1,000.
Contestants L to R:  Halle Johnson, Kara Hartley, Braelyn Degenhardt, Carson McLaughlin, and Brady Degenhardt
Joel’s bridge had a mass of 19.39 grams and held 64 pounds for an efficiency of 1509. That is holding 1509 times it’s own weight. Joel was our class champion.
9 months ago, Bryan Solomon
Joel’s efficiency
Joel’s bridge
Andrew L’s bridge had a mass of 18.25 grams and held 30.5 pounds for an efficiency of 758.7 That is holding, almost, 759 times it’s own weight
9 months ago, Bryan Solomon
Andrew’s efficiency
Andrew’s bridge
Buchanan’s bridge had a mass of 22.71 grams and held 25.8 pounds for an efficiency of 516.2. That is hold 516 times it’s own weight
9 months ago, Bryan Solomon
Buchanan efficiency
It’s bridge day in Physics. There might not be a state competition, but that didn’t stop us from having our own competition.
9 months ago, Bryan Solomon
Physics bridges
The 12th grade Life Skills classes as well as the 10th grade Health classes began CPR training today in conjunction with American Heart Month. Big thank you to our school Nurse, Staci Hergott for providing this opportunity for our students.
9 months ago, Josh Lanik
Speech Results from Sutton. First live, in-person on the season in the books. Glad to get back normal meets. #TCTitans
9 months ago, Justin Bomar
Sutton Meet Results 2/2
Sutton Meet Results 1/2
Team Pic 2/20
Can you spell.... Z E A L O U S! Definition please? "filled with passionate support for a person or a cause" YES, we are Zealous for the TALENTED TITANS! The Thayer County Spelling Bee was postponed due to cold weather. Our Talented Titans will compete in the Spelling Bee on Monday, Feb. 22, 2021 in Deshler. Good luck to Tori Swartzendruber, Addison Marsh, Maggie Johnson, and Lillee Poisel along with the alternates: Mackenzie Hergott & Kaelynn Thurman as they represent the 5th & 6th grades at TC.
9 months ago, Lisa Wiedel
Third graders working hard on reading comprehension this week!
9 months ago, Megan Heitmann
Practicing reading skills
The TC Cheerleaders compete in the NCA State Cheer Championships in Grand Island this morning. GO TITANS!! #tctitanway
9 months ago, Kurk Wiedel
TC Titan cheerleaders
Awesome game to end the JHBBB season. TC 40 FC 35. Great season, JHBB.
9 months ago, TCTitans
Grab & Go Breakfast is a popular choice each morning at TC! On average we serve 125+ students every day!
9 months ago, Amy Neff
We love breakfast!
Grab & Go Breakfast at TC!
Good Luck TC cheerleaders at State Dance and Cheer from the elementary! Thanks for including us.
9 months ago, TCTitans
The second graders really enjoyed having PE with Mr. Wiedel today!!
9 months ago, Betty Messing
More Practice !
Hula hoops are fun!
This is how you do it!
Tossing beanbags for a possible popcorn party
Catch the Titan esports team VS Pender in Smash Ultimate right now and in League of Legends soon after on our Twitch channel!! https://www.twitch.tv/tctitanesports
9 months ago, Titan esports
Thayer Central Boys Basketball teams will be at Fillmore Central on Friday, Feb 19th. Junior High Boys will start at 4:15 pm. JV Boys will tip off around 6:15 pm with Varsity Boys to follow. Games will be live streamed at: https://striv.tv/channel/fillmore-central/
9 months ago, Staci Hergott
Thayer Central’s State Wrestlers are geared up and ready for Round 1. Good Luck Titans!
9 months ago, Justin Bomar
TC State Wrestlers
The Scholastic Book Fair will be open on Wednesday during Parent-Teacher Conferences from 1:00-6:30. Come browse the great selection of books.
9 months ago, Jenna Pachta
Scholastic Book Fair